Sunday, May 1, 2011

Staying up WAY too late on Sunday Night

I'm trying to figure out how to do my basic math practice and this is what I'm hitting on.

Either or assigned for HW. It's easy to keep track of online and if the students don't do it at home I can always keep the kids in at Recess and have them do it then. I'm leaning towards the Khan Academy, because the students will be able to really move forward. Xtra math can be used as a math intervention more from what I've seen so far.

1-2 pages of grammar type practice a week.

30 minutes of reading either by self or with a parent (outloud, or whatever.) Students will post "tweets" updating on their book progress every week rather than turning in a book log. Students can use an account I've set up to create the tweets.

This way HW will be kept simple and basic.

Well, this is my dream anyway. I'm going to have to seriously look into the Khan Academy and Xtramath over the summer to really figure it out.

Do you use technology for homework? Are there any suggestions for how I can convert parents to this type of work?

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