Friday, May 29, 2009

Quote about Sexual Orientation

"Sexual orientation does equal sex. The only definition of a sexual orientation is - get this - sexual. Maybe that's why they call it sexual orientation? Homosexuality is not anything except sexual desire towards one's own gender. You cannot talk about homosexuality without talking about sex. Because to talk about homosexuality is to talk about the sexual preference of homosexuals. In otherwords, the sex they prefer to have. Yes, saying "Harvey Milk was a gay man" and "Harvey Milk enjoyed anal sex with many male partners" is not quite the same thing. One defines the person as a homosexual. The other explicitly defines his acts of homosexuality. They both are talking about his sexual preference. That's sexual in nature, either way you look at it.

And I'm sorry there is "heterosexism" in history... Forgive all of humanity for promoting the one thing that, you know, allows humanity to continue to exist. tongue.gif

The difference between Milk and Spizter/Clinton: The issues the later faced were side issues to their political careers. You don't have to talk about Spitzer or Clinton's sexual scandals because those were circuses. They were private things that unraveled in the public eye, marring Clinton's Presidency, and ending Spitzer's carrer. You don't have to talk about them, because both men stand alone without them on their accomplishments as public servants. They are not defined by those sexual scandals, even if a portion of their careers was. Harvey Milk's entire narrative is "first gay man elected to something." His only accomplishment in office was a gay rights bill. He was elected by energizing the gay community to his cause by making his sexuality a theme of his campaign. He was assassinated for being gay. Remove "gay" from Harvey Milk, and you have just another local politician from the 1970s not notable for anything. Remove "gay" from Harvey Milk, and you have no power point presentation."

Beautifully put. This is a wonderful argument to use in the debate on teaching homosexuality in the schools. Of course, it is also a wonderful argument about teaching heterosexuality in the schools. There is the catch 22. But, still. A beautiful way of putting it. I wonder how many people would be offended?

(For the debate this came from see Student's Harvey Milk Report Censored by School @ USGS)

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