Monday, May 16, 2011

Benchmarks And the End of the Year

Wow, we gave our last benchmark of the year today... and my kids did... surprisingly well. I was shocked how well they did in fact. I've got a few students that I know could've done better, but didn't take their time. (Example- Fancy-Hat in the corner fell asleep drooling twice on her test. I had to shake her awake twice to make her actually TRY.)

The behavior is about to drive me insane though. I feel like we're just doing busy work till the end of the week. I hate busy work!! I'm trying to make it meaningful but *rips hair out!!*

One of the older teachers compared the end of the school year to childbirth. You hate it and it's painful, but after a few months you forget how much it hurts and want to have another child (or another class.)

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