Tuesday, May 24, 2011

End of World End of Year

Well, thankfully the end of the world didn't happen last Saturday. I'm glad to hear it has been postponed till next October, I met some of my students for next year and would love to get to know them more.

The End of the School Year did come and not a moment too soon. If it had waited even one more week I'm not sure that I would have liked my kids too much. They very much had senioritis (4th grade is the end of Elementary School here) and I was ready to get everything put away for the next year! We had a wonderful water day (Once I get my computer back from being upgraded I'll Picnik my photos and post some of them) and graduation went well. Grumpy next to me kept complaining about the length, but I was happy about it. It meant I had less time with these kids in my classroom when they'd "graduated" already.

I cleaned out my classroom completely. Everything came off the walls, everything got cleaned out.

On Monday the team got together and we actually did day-by-day planning for Math this next year!! I'm still trying to figure out Literacy and Social Studies, but I will!!! I've got all Summer.

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