Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pencil Sharpeners

Let's talk about one of those small little annoyances of being a teacher. I'm not talking about teaching, or management, or anything even remotely seemingly attached to school.

I'm talking about a pencil sharpener. I've gone through two this year, with a month or so lapse where we didn't have one at all. My second one just died, this time I made sure to KEEP my receipt so I can try to get a refund. The blades are still nice and sharp, they just aren't turning any more to grind down the pencils.

How much money do you spend every year on pencil sharpeners?

Oh I can't wait for the day when everything is computerized... I'll throw away ALL the pencils, have the kids do quick-work in pen and everything else typed. Yippie!


  1. My first graders use pens all the time. I did it because I can't stand all the erasing they do with pencils. The added bonus is that we never have to sharpen pencils. I can't describe how happy that makes me.

  2. Very rarely. I've been using only pens for 3 years now and this year our second grades made the switch. It seems to have simplified our lives.


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