Thursday, March 10, 2011

Parent Teacher Conferences

I feel like another one of those first-year-teacher rituals has passed by.  My parent teacher conferences are over.  I rather like how I did them the students had a majority of the stage and I only picked up the last 5-7 minutess.

The Steps:
1. Show the portfolio and explain its contents. 
2. Offer parents juice and cookies.
3. Bring them to the back table.
4. Get juice and cookies.
5. Tell one thing that has gone well this year.
6. Tell one thing that still needs improved.
7. Turn the time over to Ms. JAy to talk about a plan to improve that thing.

For the most part it came out well.  Only had one parent upset with me, more of them were upset with the child not taking responsibility.  Which is much nicer for me!  A few upset kids who aren't performing up to their potential and Mom and Dad were NOT happy.  More than a few kids who have shown amazing growth and had a hard time coming up with an 'improvement' because they're doing so well.

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