Monday, March 7, 2011


I love technology. I'm saddened that I have been too shy about using it this year. However, I'm getting better.

I'm 15 hours away from a smartboard (provided I work in this district next year...). I'm taking technology classes as I can. My class has done wordles, we've written and recorded radio stories and we make a classroom podcast. I'm working the hardest on the last.

I just found Audioboo. It started out as an Iphone app, and now has an online based uploader also. It's so simple. I set up an account, the students login as me, they click the upload, speak, save it with a title and Bam! It's there! I'm so excited for my kids to use this super simple uploader this coming Friday for our weekly podcasts!

(Maybe I can actually have dinner this week!!)

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