Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Joanne Jacobs — lnking and thinking on education by Joanne Jacobs

A very interesting, very different look at tenure. Especially when it says, "She proposes raising pay in exchange for offering less job security, attracting more risk takers to teaching." I love this. Teaching is a risky endeavor, and without a risk taking ability (which I lack) it's easy to get burnt out. The students are new, and each year is a risk.

I know I didn't get into the job for the pay, or the security or the benefits- no one does these days (because they aren't there!) I got into this because I love teaching, I love seeing kids learn, and I love being a part of the process. Am I a career teacher? Yes. At the same time though, I'm willing to take change (even if it's hard) and run with the ball because I know nothing will ever be settled. I just have to run and see what comes.
Joanne Jacobs — linking and thinking on education by Joanne Jacobs

(Not saying my measly 15 points on the RIF rubric didn't make me very much sad.)

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