Monday, February 9, 2009

Story Board for PSA

What is the content you’ll be using in your lesson?
I will be using facts about Bulling pulled from "Health Education: Elementary and Middle School Applications" by Susan K. Telljohann, Cynthia W. Symons and Beth Pateman, McGraw Hill, 2009. When my students do this project, they will be using resources that they find. This includes facts, and their own inferences from the material they read (online or in books.)
What is the pedagogy you’ll be using and why is it a good fit with the content?
In my project, I'm choosing an aspect of school life that is often ignored, but very prevalent. When I have my students do a PSA, I will have them choose an important issue-of-the-day to create their PSA from. That way, they all become experts in one issue. Then I will have them come back together and share their PSA's so that everyone learns something about the topic. I have heard this called a Jigsaw.
What is the technology you’ll be using and why is it a good fit with the content and pedagogy?
I will allow my students to pick from Word, Excel or PowerPoint to make their storyboards. (I used Excel and Word.) If they feel so inclined they will be able to draw later, but I would rather have them use words to visualize what the scene for their text will look like. Next, they will use a video program. They will have microphones to record narration, or they can just use text blocks. All of these ways requires the students to think about their topic. If they do not then when it comes time to interact with the technology they will not be ready. Making a movie will also get kids with different strengths (vocal skills, writing, computer etc.) involved and working toward their specialty. It will also remove the fear from standing in front of class to present their material. They will have more opportunities to make it interesting.

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