Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Joys of Google Docs

I have two younger sisters who are both still in the public education system (middle and high school respectively.) Over the last few days they've both sent me papers to revise and edit for them. Both times I've read them, shaken my head and cried a little bit because they were SO TERRIBLE. (I love you sisters!)

I didn't feel it right to just rewrite them, so I popped their essays into Google Docs (which is easily done because instead of hitting "download" I hit "view".) From there I was able to converse with one sister over the phone to help her rewrite, and another over the Google Docs Chat Box to help HER rewrite. Both sister's papers are MUCH better, and the editing process was so easy! Rather than play tag with one another for a while as we each made changes to the same document we were able to look at the document in real time and change things. It might even be easier than it is to edit my student's papers when they're sitting right next to me! (It's quicker to "delete" than to "erase."

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