Thursday, January 8, 2009

Technology Experience

I have been using the internet and computers for many years.  When I first began I was a part of an online game called Tribes.  After a bit I found a text-based game called Ansible.  It is a game based off of Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game. There I was involved in a community of computer users, who have, for the last five and half years attempted to drag me up to their level of computer literacy. They have yet to succeed.

I am fairly competent when using the internet, though I do not tend to stray to many new sites. I enjoy playing other text based games other then ansible, such as FracturedMoo and Harper's Tale. I use the social networking site Facebook.

Beyond that, I have basic skills in Microsoft Word products, and as a PC user manage to hold a grudge against Macs. I know a few shortcuts (alt+tab) and such for navigating using my keyboard. The biggest issue I have with Mac computers is their different buttons. Rather then use ctrl and the windows nagivating button the apple button is used quite a bit more.

I can fix basic hardware problems, and can usually figure out if a problem arrises from hardware, software or user-interface malfunctions. Not always however. It has been decided that technology has an abiding dislike for me. If I require more in depth knowledge then I have I can usually find what I want, usually using Google, though at time I deviate and use Wikipedia, though this is a shame I hardly dare to admit to my wikipedia crazy friends.

At one point I desired to be a computer person, but no longer.

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  1. Well, it sounds like you have some helpful experience. You'll be a great asset for your group.


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