Monday, January 19, 2009

RSS and Web 2.0

RSS feeds bring the content of the internet to you. The one thing I really got out of our discussion of RSS feeds is how they have revolutionized the internet. Once upon a time a lot of content was provided for internet users, but today content is provided by internet users. As such there is a lot more information out there then ever before. RSS feeds provide people with a handy way to keep up on information that intrests them.

I can see how I would use the goodreads as an educator. When I begin teaching I will not have my Tunnell Jacobs software at school and thus will not have my database of books at my fingertips. The goodreads allows me to connect with other educators and keep up on what I have read and thus what I can suggest to my students. It will also be a good resource for my students because they will be able to get on, on their own time, and see what I've read and perhaps pick their own choices out of that.

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