Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pessimism in the team

I'm a new teacher. You all know this. So I still believe that every child can achieve on a high level. I'm disappointed in my students when I don't believe they have given their best. I don't assume, "oh, you're special ed, you can't achieve." I know they can and I expect them to. I'll differentiate the hell out of my teaching for them, but I still expect them to produce work that matches my high expectations.

Today we had our first "job alike" where we met with all the 4th grade teachers in our district. We were discussing AYP and how close we are to not meeting it and how a 100% achievement isn't realistic. I can buy into that. It is unrealistic to expect 100% of students to be on grade level.

Now here is where attitude comes in. Another teacher on my grade level said, "We shouldn't expect a child with x disability to be able to inference when reading. They can't do it, so we shouldn't try to teach it." No! No! No! We SHOULD teach them. How can we EVER know what our child cannot achieve if we don't WORK with them on those skills? I believe firmly that these basic skills taught in elementary school can be taught to every child no matter their disability.

EDIT: She did it again! "A 70% is as good as he'll ever get."

AROIUeAOGHAOIUERAELW! (That's me yelling.)

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