Thursday, July 21, 2011

Year Long Planning

I'm rather proud of myself this year. It's 17 days before the first day of school and I have a LOT done!

1. My classroom is basically set up. I still need to figure out what goes on the bulletin boards and straighten 1 or two edges.

2. My desks are all set up. They're just waiting for names now.

3. I basically have my year-long planning done. I'm still working on Language Arts, but that's cool. At least Social Studies and Science are planned out. We're doing day-by-day planning as a team in Math and Language Arts is pretty simplistic because I follow the scope-and-sequence of our basal when it comes to skills.

4. All my cabinets are organized and ready for anything I can throw at them. My goal is to KEEP it that way!

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