Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So. I'm suppose to be writing every day. Today, I've decided the topic is cursive.

I was taught cursive. And for one HORRIBLE year, I had to use it on EVERYTHING. I could not turn in an assignment unless it was in cursive. When I got out of elementary school they thankfully discontinued this practice. Rather then attempt to make my writing 'pretty' I go for legible. When I cannot read someone's writing I grade much more harshly on what I can read. I would rather chicken scratch print then lovely unreadable cursive. Having never felt any desire to practice it I find that now that I am once again required to prove that I CAN write in cursive I am having great difficulties. My school journals will now be cursive written, though it takes me twice as long to use cursive then to print.

I still like print better.

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