Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Technology in the Classroom

I do not really think about technology when I'm thinking of elementary school. They're so kinesthetic that I find it hard to have myself use technology for very long. This inventory made me really focus on what is available and automatically I thought of several ways in which I could use the technology.
One of the strangest things is that in my school, Sprucewood, there are no TVs in the classrooms. Once upon a time there was because the holders for them are there, but there are no TVs in them. It is just this big empty... thing hanging there. I'm also curious about how our Facilitator said there were digital projectors, because I have yet to see one in my classroom, nor have I seen anyway to use a projector. It is very strange to me.

1 comment:

  1. That's because digital projectors seem out of place in an elementary school; we all want it to be the same way it was when we were students. When I think back on elementary school I think of terrariums, the fifth grade play, holiday crafts, cupcakes,slides,swings,and my fourth grade teacher's pet hedgehog. I would definitely support a hedgehog for every fourth grade classroom.


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